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Data Science & Machine Learning Projects(2018)

Data Science Flashcards
Data Science Flashcards
  • Pocket-sized, interactive Data Science Flashcards

Aspiring Data Scientists can learn Python the hard way or chose to learn Python for Data Science the Data Wolf way, by using pocket-sized interactive Data Science Flashcards. I strongly encourage you to take 5 minutes to check them out - it’ll teach you basic Data Science in a fun and relaxed way, no need to make things super difficult at first. Pocket-sized Data Science Flashcards are here!

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Machine Learning 101
  • Introduction to Machine Learning

This project demonstrates data investigation through a machine learning lens. After extracting and identifying a decision boundary, using the autonomous car example, we can tell the vehicle at which speeds to safely travel over the various terrain conditions provided in the ‘Terrain Data’ and in addition how to evaluate performance and accuracy.

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AI TensorFlow Chatbot!
  • Machine Learning conversations!

Tensorflow's Sequence to Sequence model is used to train a chatbot on the Cornell Movie Dialogue dataset. After training, you can have a fun conversation!

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Jazz Guitar School
  • Jazz Guitar Learning Management System

Jazz Guitar School was a successful five-year project that automated and scaled private jazz guitar lessons from one on one to a global scale using a WordPress Learning Management System. Jazz Guitar School is currently resting in a Github repo here:

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