Jonathan Barrios Full Stack Developer

Project Portfolio

Linux Server Configuration
  • Ubuntu Linus via AWS Lightsail and friends

Installed and configured all required software to turn a baseline Ubuntu Amazon Web Services server into a fully functional web application server, including Apache Web Server and PostgreSQL database server.

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Get a basic Laravel 5 app up and running on a Mac
  • A simple guide to Laravel apps

After reviewing several methods for creating a basic app in Laravel 5, I found that the hybrid method below using Homebrew works relatively well. In this tutorial we will be installing PHP, Composer and Laravel on a Mac. Then we will create a basic app and join the club of Laravel wizards. Let’s begin!

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Music Catalog
  • Python, PostgreSQL and Oauth Google authentication

Developed a content management system using the Flask framework in Python. Authentication is provided via OAuth and all data is stored within a PostgreSQL database.

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Logs Report
  • An internal reporting tool for database analisys

Applied SQL skills to a reporting tool that summarizes data from a large database. The logs analysis tool connects to a database, uses SQL queries to analyze the log data, and prints out the answers.

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Data Wolf
Data Science Flashcards
  • Data Wolf: Data Science Flashcards

Aspiring Data Scientists can learn Python the hard way or chose to learn Python for Data Science the Data Wolf way, by using pocket-sized interactive Data Science Flashcards: View GitHub

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Jazz Guitar School
  • Jazz Guitar Learning Management System

Jazz Guitar School automated and organized the core concepts of private jazz guitar lessons and made them available through a custom Learning Management System: View GitHub

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