Jonathan Barrios Full Stack Web Developer


The Score
  • with Edmund Stone

Built for easy maintenance by non-technical volunteers and staff. The previous website needed a quick site refresh and new SSL certificates.

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Gutenberg WordPress(in progress)
  • Static Bootstrap 4 to Gutenberg WordPress 5

Hand sketched original concept on paper, wireframed the sketch into a 12-column grid layout and converted the wireframe into a Bootstrap 4 theme. Finally, I translated the Bootstrap 4 theme into a custom Gutenberg ready WordPress theme.

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Dig Dug Portfolio
Dig Dug Portfolio
  • An 80s retro portfolio theme

Inspired by @atari and @jamiebuilds, this portfolio website is flashy, simple and retro.

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Jazz Guitar School
Jazz Guitar School
  • Wordpress Learning Management System

Jazz Guitar School was a successful five-year project that automated and scaled private jazz guitar lessons from one on one to a global scale using the WordPress Learning Management System. Currently not maintained but availble for your consideration.

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Turtle Fu: A Bootstrap 4 Theme
  • Go slow. Find your groove.

This fun Bootstrap 4 theme features a hand-sketched polygonal turtle logo. I use Adobe CS for image processing and the footer contact card pop-up and navigation highlighting were made with JavaScript.

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