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MERN Bookshop

by Jonathan Barrios / August 20th, 2019

What's a MERN Bookshop?

Hi there, I'm Jonathan. MERN is short for MongoDB, Express, React and Node which are the JavaScript technologies I used to build a bookshop web application. As an educator with a background in music education and technology, I enjoy writing about code and web development. I also like writing to stay on top of in vogue frameworks and technologies, which is the reason why I created Learn that Code[Ltc]. The goal of Ltc is to self publish books written in Markdown that programmatically get converted into HTML. I enjoy writing books and tutorials in Markdown so I can publish directly from GitHub as my source CMS. I also enjoy sharing practical apps with other writers who might also like to self-publish. Follow me on Twitter @_jonathan_codes for more articles, tutorials and practical apps for everyday living.


The original structure of this app came from an amazing full-stack tutorial and book called the Builder Book app. Authors Timur Zhiyentayev and Kelly Burk made a brilliant thing and I highly recommend Builder Book to any front-end or junior full-stack developer who wants to learn how to build a real-world production full-stack JavaScript app for self-publishing. Ltc was built with ES6 JavaScript syntax using React, Material-UI, Next, Express, Mongoose and MongoDB. Third-party APIs include Google for user authentication, Github for Markdown, AWS SES for transactional emails, and Stripe for selling books using a paywall after the first chapter.


The Ltc CI/CD pipeline pushes from VS Code locally to the GitHub repo where Heroku detects any changes and deploys the code automaticaly. Mission accomplished! Ltc has two websites working in tandem, one sharing articles at and the later selling books on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript at

If you liked this article, follow me on Twitter @_jonathan_codes for more on modern web development. Thanks for reading and happy coding!

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