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Barrios AI | Augmented Intelligence for Humans

Jonathan Barrios β€’ April 14, 2024

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I'm excited to share that my startup, Barrios AI, aims to leverage artificial intelligence to foster innovation in the education and music spaces. Dedicated to the concept of augmented intelligence, we are focused on enhancing human cognitive abilities through AI, enabling more creative and efficient processes in artistic and creative expression.

Merging AI with Music Theory

Barrios AI introduces a unique opportunity in music education, where students not only learn music theory but also create AI agents to assist in composing music, suggesting harmonic structures, and exploring new musical algorithms. One of our standout initiatives, "The Jazz of AI," merges AI with jazz improvisation, challenging and expanding the limits of traditional music education.

AI for Good Music Series

The "AI for Good Music Series" by Barrios AI builds a community among musicians and AI engineers. This video series discusses the responsible use of AI in music, aiming to enhance rather than replace human artistic expression. It serves as a resource for learning music theory alongside Python programming, directly in a browser for free, available on platforms like X and YouTube.

Expanding Educational Horizons

Barrios AI’s vision extends beyond music. It seeks to revolutionize education through AI-driven tools that personalize learning experiences across various fields, making education more accessible and tailored to individual needs.

Join Our Journey

Barrios AI invites educators, artists, and technologists to explore the integration of AI in creative and educational fields. Visit us on X @barrios_ai and our official website to learn more and participate in the conversation.